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Holidays to Cambodia

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There are regular flights from the major UK airports to Phnom Penh Airport, Cambodia. - Currency: Cambodian Riel - Time difference: (GMT+6) - Flight from UK: 13 hours - Visa: On arrival, US$30 for 1 month - Language: Khmer - National drink: Tea - National Dish: Amok trey Cambodia embraces a lively, local culture of drinking, but avoid the local tap water.

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While the option to do nothing but relax beside the ocean, sunning yourself on warm golden sands is yours, there are so many things to do in Cambodia that it would be a shame to let its beauty pass you by. Head deep into the dense jungle in search of a temple that's been lost for centuries and you may just discover Angkor Wat, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You may also like to visit the Royal Palace and National Museum of Cambodia, or spend your time exploring the landscape.
Cambodia draws heavily on the same influences that inspire Vietnamese and Thai cuisine, and so you'll experience a wealth of flavours and spice, as well as generous helpings of fresh fish and seafood, and locally grown and sourced rice. Amok trey, the country's national dish, comprises fish in a thick coconut curry sauce. Green tea is a popular drink. There is no age restriction on alcohol in Cambodia; its people certainly know how to celebrate life; just be wary of your own limits.
If you're hoping to uncover Cambodia's lost temples, skirt around the coast by boat, or stroll through rice fields, there's a good chance you'll come face to face with some of the country's weird and wonderful species; be on the lookout for Asian elephants, deer, gibbons, dolphins, tigers, bears and boars, as well as pythons, vipers, crocodiles and turtles. If you like your wildlife a little more relaxed, Cambodia has some 8,000 species of plant and flower; how many will you spot?

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